The SAP consultant spent much of his time on the deployments and we all know the problems caused by meals, aircraft air conditioners and trains. The consultant must have planned a small kit with the most necessary.

  • Analgesics (Aspirin, Gelocatil, Nolotil ...)
  • Colds: Couldina.
  • Antialgic to fight fever: paracetamol for example Pro Efferalgan 1g, and Ibuprofen in pills or sachets according to taste. Normally 600 mg.
  • Nasal decongestant: RESPIR, RHINOSPRAY
  • Antacid: About Almax. If the pain persists, Omeprazole is the best. Sometimes the nerves in the projects have an effect on the stomach.
  • Anti-inflammatory (NORMULEN, NAPROSYN ...). Good for back pain.
  • Antihistamine-antiallergic: in Adventan ointment, and in Atarax or Polaramine tablets
  • Gases: Aero-network
  • Sore throat: Lizipain.
  • Cocoa bar for dry lips.
  • Sleep inducer for transoceanic trips and the first night of a changed schedule: Lormetazepan (Loramet of 2 mgr).
  • Sedative in case we have to be relaxed by some presentation: Lexatin of 1,5 mgr. (Both the sleep inducer and the sedative need a prescription.)
  • Antidiarrheal: Fortasec. But beware, in the face of acute gastroenteritis, better known as diarrhea:

- Physiological serum of the pharmacy (knows faltal)
- Beverages of the type Gatorade or Aquarius (none that carry caffeine or theine)
- Homemade serum: it is made with 1 liter of water 4 teaspoons of sugar 1 of salt 1 of bicarbonate and 1 cup of lemon juice.

2) The rest of the days an astringent-soft diet: that is, avoid fruits, coffee, alcohol, fats and dairy products. What you have to take is white rice, cooked carrot, cooked potato, grated apple (because that's how it oxidizes) ... and keep taking serum to avoid dehydration.

3) If you suffer from gut pain you can take a buster of Buscopan 10 mg. At most every 6 hours Serves to cut the pains caused by the intestine (cramps, intestinal spasms)

4) If there is a fever, check the option for analgesics.

5) What you should never do is take an antidiarrheal that will cut you off at once, since diarrhea is a defense mechanism of your body to eliminate the probable virus It must go through the stomach, so if the virus is cut it will stay with you. If after about 3-5 days you are perfectly, you do not have a fever, but you keep visiting the service again and again, then you can take the antidiarrheal because that is no longer causing the virus but the irritation of your own mucosa of the intestine that remains a little sensitive and does not stop secreting water. On the other hand in very desperate cases (type I have an urgent meeting already and I can not be going to the bathroom every 5 min) people take the antidiarrheal as Fortasec from the beginning and nothing usually happens, but ... it is advised that first days try to avoid them.

Información recogida por Enrique Bravo