When invoicing by limited company does not include the income tax withholding on the invoice. Only the VAT charged.
Being a limited company, the report of 347 must be made. Model 347 is known as the annual statement of operations with third parties.

What is the Statement of Operations with Third Parties?

It is only a statement of the operations carried out with third parties, both customers and suppliers, with which we have exceeded the figure of € 3000 / 500,000 € during the year, and does not entail a disbursement of any amount.

Operations exempt from inclusion in the annual declaration of operations with third parties will be determined by:
That the amount of 3,000 euros has not been exceeded throughout the year with the same supplier or customer.

How does it affect the Entity and who should present it?

The declaration of operations with third parties does not imply any expenditure or economic movement but represents information provided to the Public Treasury.

How and when is it declared?

To make the declaration, you must fill in Form 347 or use the assistance program provided by the Treasury, and the deadline for submission is between March 1 and March 31, on data from the previous year.

Information prepared by Enrique Bravo