It is made up of a series of professionals who like what they do and who have desires to improve their performance day by day.

It is not the desire to obtain money or notoriety that drove us to create our organization but the desire to create a meeting place that would shelter most of the best SAP consultants in the country.
Our association arises from the union of consultants with a long experience in the exercise of their profession. The degree of complexity that SAP implementation projects have achieved requires a great specialization of the professionals and a close collaboration between them. Without the union of knowledge and experience of specialized consultants in the different modules it is very difficult to offer the client the integral service and satisfactory.

We have been providing professional services in the field of SAP consulting for many years. This wide experience allows us to offer high quality professional services and high added value. It is this objective that has prompted us to have representation throughout the state. The existence of the Chapters in the main Spanish cities facilitates a greater approach to the problems and a better understanding of the reality of the projects.

Although applications for incorporation into ACISAP are received, it can only be entered if a member submits an acceptance application. The rest of the members with the curriculum information in hand, have to approve it. That is, each member of ACISAP has the right to veto.

It is intended that only the best SAP consulting professionals in Spain are in ACISAP, hence, unfortunately, several requests have to be discarded each year.