NOTE: You can go to a CIRCE office ( ), where they are supposed to help you create it, but in practice they were not operational.
1. Choose denomination (16 EUR):

1. Better to do it in person in the registry of denominations, because they can verify in situ, in the moment, if it is possible to use that denomination until finding the one that we want. One of the partners must do it.

2.If it is done online, we can not verify if the proposed options are valid and we must repeat the process over and over again. It also takes a week to process each application.

3. Address: RMC (Central Commercial Register). Principe de Vergara, 94. Madrid.


5. For example, if we choose the denomination "GULA", it is possible that they deny it for existing already, or because phonetically there is a similar denomination, such as "JULA", to avoid it we must add a word, so for example: "GULA FUTURE", we would avoid duplicity.

2.Open a bank account of incorporation of the company, with the registered denomination, the contribution of the share capital will be made (3006 Euros). This account is not the account to operate, the account to operate will be opened when the deeds are taken to the bank, but it serves to be able to process the writing, because it is necessary the contribution to the social capital. The bank will give us a bank certificate, attesting that the contribution has been made.

NOTE: It is recommended to look for a bank where there is good treasury management, so that they give you a reasonable interest rate, the debit or credit cards are free, the checkbooks are free and the operation with foreign currencies is very cheap and agile, in addition it must be verified that it is a bank that is used to working with other foreign banks.

In the Santander they offered me a 2% account, it's better than nothing. Besides, they offer me alternatives to have a free Visa.

The conditions are negotiated with the director of the branch individually, the banks are very interested in having your company. I told them that in case of having a lot of money in the account, I would move it to a deposit that would give me more than 2%, in that case if they did not offer me something better than in another bank or cashier, I would move that money to another place. The contribution to the social capital can be made part in money and part in assets.

3. Choose the corporate purpose to make the deeds, you can leave a very generic or broad, it will be in a later step when choosing the IAE or the real scope of activity. In addition, the IAE may be changed in the future, but changing the deeds is more complicated and expensive, as a notary is necessary.

Object example for IT:

The analysis of applications and programming the commercialization of computers and computer equipment in general; the provision of maintenance and repair services for equipment, computer facilities and telecommunications; the provision of exploitation services and control of computer systems and telematic infrastructures; the maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic equipment and installations; the maintenance and repair of office equipment and machinery; the development and maintenance of computer programs and the information capture service by electronic, computer and telematic means

The completion of Internet activities, as well as the provision of information and training services. Telemarketing services.

The manufacture, import, export, intermediation and wholesale and retail trade of machines and equipment related to computers and programs for them, electrical and electronic equipment, mobile telephony and fixed, office machines, program development, technical and computer consulting, mobile and fixed telephony services and its operation as a network operator, repair of office machines, programming of automata and industrial control. Data processes.

The sale and intermediation of all kinds of rural and urban properties, the promotion and construction of all kinds of buildings, their rehabilitation, sale or non-financial leasing, and the construction of all kinds of public or private works. Installations of any nature, decoration and finishing of all types of properties, as well as their repairs and subsequent maintenance. Purchase and sale, wholesale and retail trade, import and export of all types of construction materials and related machinery. Services of control, concierge and nursery of real estate. The sale and sale of rights of exploitation by turns of real estate. The study, development, commercialization, advertising planning and marketing of turn-taking of real estate, offers and vacation and time stays

4. You go to the notary to write the deeds, they will give us several simple copies. (250 EUR)

There should be an administrative partner, who must be registered as a self-employed person or on the payroll, there may be other non-managerial partners with participation in the management and decision-making.

To benefit from aid, for example housing ..., it is possible to put another person as an administrative partner (you must be registered as self-employed, with your contribution cost approx. EUR / month) and then the consultant will be on the payroll (this may have powers of attorney to do things for society).

5. The company is registered in Madrid at the General Directorate of Taxes at General Martinez Street, Field 30, and Model 600 (1 EUR) is completed.

6. The provisional CIF is received until it is processed in the registry.

7. Deeds are registered in the mercantile registry in Paseo de la Castellana 44.). ( ). (59 Euros for liquidation rights BORME)

They give you a receipt, with a control number, on the web page you can check the status of the process through that number and the CIF of the company.

8. About a week. The deeds are collected in the Paseo de la Castellana 44. (187 Euros for the registration costs)

9. You go back to the bank with the deeds to activate the account.

10. You go to the Treasury to choose the IAE, with the model 036.

It is taxed by epigraph, these can be changed or added if we change activity, so we can put only the epigraph we use insurance.

It is recommended to consult the web page of the CNAE and call AEAT to confirm that epigrafge use according to the activity that we are going to invoice.

Look at the CNAE codes of group J.


620.- Programming, consulting and other activities related to computers.

6201.- Computer programming activities.

6202.- Computer consulting activities.

6203.- Management of computer resources.

6209.- Other services related to information technology and information technology.

Other epigraphs:

5821 Video game edition.

5829 Software edition.

6311 Data processing, hosting and related activities.

6312 Web portals.

9511 Repair of computers and peripheral equipment.

7022 Other business management consulting activities.

Information prepared by Luis Guereca.