A consultant must have extensive knowledge of technology. Currently mobile phones and smartphones are the technological vanguard.
Here are some applications that every consultant should have or at least know. Some of them are essential utilities for either Android or Iphone (IOS).


It allows you to save your files in the cloud in order to avoid the self-sending of emails.
You can work on a file for a while at work, another at home on your own laptop and another time with your mobile phone.
Share with Dropbox. You can invite teammates to any folder on Dropbox and it will be as if you saved it directly on your computers. You can also send links to specific files in your Dropbox. This makes Dropbox the perfect medium to work on team projects, to share photos of meetings with colleagues.
They are 2.25 GBs. Free application

  • Box: Dropbox competition gives 5 GBs. Free application.
  • Minus: Dropbox competition gives 50 GBs. Free application.
  • Evernote: Evernote is more than just a note manager. Combining it with Camscannrer and Recoroid (a payment application that allows recording notes and calls) allows us to set up the consultant's virtual office. Free application for 60MB per month


JaxtrSMS: Send SMS messages for free even if the recipient does not have it installed. Free application
WhatsApp: Allows you to send free messages to those who have this application installed. Your competition is Line, wechat and Telegram.


  • Skype : No need for presentation. Free application
  • Tango: Skype competition. Free application
  • Viber: Skype competition. Free application


  • Penetrate pro
  • Router keygen


  • Chrome
  • Airdroid (pc-mobile connection via WIFI)


  • WorldMate: The mail from the travel agency is forwarded and the system records the data. Allows you to make reservations.
  • CheckMyTryp: Amadeus application that indicates the reservation number also saves all the data and allows them to be used in the machines that issue tickets.
  • Trypadvisor: This application is a travel guide, but user ratings are very interesting to take into account.
  • Skyscanner: It's a flight search engine.
  • Renfe: Includes local timetables.
  • Madrid-Metro-Bus-Cercancías : Schedules for all public transport in Madrid.
  • Next train: Indicates when the next train of interest will pass.
  • DGT: shows routes with accident parties. Useful to consult before leaving on road trip.


SPB Shell 3d: Without a doubt the best launcher for Android


  • Aldiko: reading ebooks
  • Anobiii: catalog of books
  • imdb: catalog movies.


  • MyBackup Pro: Application to make a backup copy of the data and applications that you have stored on your phone. You can save them on an SD card or upload them to the cloud. In case of loss or theft of the phone, just download all the data and update the content on your device.
  • Cerberus: If your phone is stolen, you can locate it and protect it. It's paid.
  • Lookout: Protect the mobile from malware and unauthorized access.
  • mSecure: Application to protect passwords.
  • VirusTotal: Allows you to check apks with viruses based on analysis in the cloud.
  • Avast Mobile: Anti-virus for the mobile, it has an anti-thief program so that if it is lost or stolen, you can even locate it remotely.


  • SuperUser: program to give root permissions
  • RootExplorer: Folder browser with root permissions, useful to look at operating system directories, requires root).
  • CacheApps2SD: Moves the application cache to the SD card, freeing the mobile memory (requires root).
  • Link2SD: Very useful program to "link" applications with their caches and libraries to the SD card and free up space in the mobile memory (requires root)


  • CamScanner: Application to scan documents. Free application.
  • Barcode Scanner: With Barcode Scanner you can read bar codes using your phone's camera and find the corresponding products on the web. To use Barcode Scanner you have to focus the bar code with your camera. If the code (called QR) is recognizable, in a few seconds you should have the reference of the specific product.
  • Radardoid: Fixed and mobile radar detector
  • OI File Manager: File manager another option: ES File Explorer.
  • Endomondo: Sport GPS connected with google maps to know where you have run / ridden on a bicycle.
  • Foursquare and Local (google maps): are useful for finding bars, restaurants ... places of interest.
  • Notes: is linked to the gmail notes so we can update the pc.
  • ColorNote: Useful for saving notes and to-do lists, allows alarms
  • Spotify: better streaming music service. One competition is grooveshark.
  • Kingsoft Office: Office for mobile, includes PDF reading -
  • AirDroid : Synchronize, browse, install, download and upload files to the mobile from the web without the need for a synchronization program
  • Duolingo: Learn a language in your spare time.
  • TitaniumBackup: allows you to backup applications with included data, includes multiple functions of restore, deletion of applications, etc.
  • Instagram: Application to share and process photos.
  • DiskUsage: shows the space occupied by the mobile application, Useful to control which program/s are occupying space in the mobile. Call depending on the time and location (all configurable), configures the state of the mobile, removing the wifi, connecting it, etc,
  • Contackts Backup: Allows you to backup the contacts on the SD card in a file in CSV format
  • TeamViewer: Allow remote access to another device or mobile from another computer
  • Use your phone as a router for computers and tablets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixg0RCOqPME

Information prepared by Enrique Bravo, Javier Barneo, Marc Paus, Javier Gallego and Ricardo Gª Montero.

Any contribution to this list can be sent to the following email address: info@acisap.org