The SAP consultant sometimes needs to drink from very diverse sources of information. The cinema can be one of them. Sometimes it can allow us to live situations that we have already partly experienced thanks to celluloid. Other times it is simply because the consultant spends time displaced and it is entertaining to watch a good series / movie.


  • The Walking Dead : It would be set after an apocalyptic Zombie outbreak. A SpinnOff "Fear the Walking Dead"
  • The Office : The British version, which is the original, is less attractive. There are archetypes of co-workers that we all know.
  • IT Crowd : IT. British comedy of two geeks and one undocumented that they take the department of IT.
  • Game of thrones: Series set in the original books "Game of thrones".
  • The Misadventures of Tim (The Life & Times of Tim): These are drawings for adults. Tim gets into a lot of trouble, all of them related to his work.
  • House of Lie: It's a series of business consultants. Very gimmicky and sometimes not very credible. Chapter 3 is about an implementation of an ERP.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The modern British version of the legendary private investigator


  • Up in the Air: Seeing this movie we learn better how large companies manage the firing of employees.
  • Trash Work: An American comedy. Even if it's only because of the interview "IT people do not understand well with clients" it's worth seeing.
  • Margin Call: Film that explains the origin of the crisis that concerns us.
  • The Big Fish (The Big Kahuna): While it is not a great movie (despite the great actors) reflects very well the concerns of the commercial. In some forums his final tirade is famous.
  • The Human Question (La question humaine): French film with human resources manager as protagonist. Only for very followers of French cinema.
  • Human Resources: a gala film that discusses how the human resources department deals with a crisis in an SME and relations with unions.
  • Smoking Room: A local contribution. An employee of a multinational decides to start a union struggle to obtain a smoking room. You see the human miseries by not wanting to be portrayed in front of the address.
  • The Method (The Gronhölm Method in the Theater): proposes a method of eliminating candidates in a group interview. Spanish movie.
  • The boss of all this: Incredible as it may seem is a Von Trier comedy and very original. The owner of a company invented a fictitious boss to blame him for all the unpopular decisions and once he wants to sell the company he uncovers everything.
  • Welcome to Farewell-Gutmann: Spanish film with three candidates for an ascent that relates the human filth to feel the vertigo of the highest. The sinister character of the evaluator is well achieved.
  • Locke (Locke): the life of a construction manager goes to hell for a slip in a work with a partner. It could well be in a project outside in our case. While driving at night his life goes to hell. He is fired and has to help a collaborator to close all the open points of a huge work that starts the next day.
  • Star Wars: The StarWars Saga completes, up to "Rogue One".


  • Enron: The guys who cheated America.
  • Inside Job

Information prepared by Enrique Bravo

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