Usually, you usually place just a glass of water, on the left and a glass of wine, on your right. Always placed in the upper part in front of the plate. In the project starter dinners, you can have up to four different glasses: a glass of water, a glass of red wine, a glass of white wine and a glass of cava. The order of the glasses is usually: glass of water, red wine, white wine and champagne, although there is no fixed rule and this placement may vary.

Drinks are served on the right side of the diner, although, as will be the case in most business meals, it is normal to "pass" the bottle of wine or cava so that each one serves and serves, at most, to the diners on your side. It is served first to the ladies and then to the gentlemen. The bottle never leans on the cup to serve, but must be kept about two centimeters from it.
The cup is filled at most two-thirds of its capacity.

  • White wine is served ice cream between 8 ° and 10 ° C.
  • The red, at room temperature, between 18 ° and 20 ° C.

If we have to serve white wine, in good places (in the very good there is always a waiter lurking), we will do it with a folded napkin, so that the heat of our hand does not touch the bottle and warm the wine. It must be done in such a way that the label is visible to the guest, who will have the opportunity to read it and know what wine it is going to taste.


If we want to take the saltcellar, but it is far from us ... we should not cross our arm with another diner. We must request that we bring it closer.


You can smoke at the end of the meal, when they serve coffees and liquors (whenever we are sitting in a smoking area, if we occupy a table in a non-smoking area, then we can not smoke under any circumstances). Before lighting the cigarette, we should ask the hosts and the rest of the diners if it bothers them that we smoke. Do not smoke before you start eating, or between courses.


The bread is placed in the upper left part. It is a bit bad if you take someone else's bread.


The cutlery when finished eating is left inside the plate, in parallel, at 4:20 of the hands of a clock. The cutlery for a break is left resting on the plate, one on each side.


The napkin when finished eating is left to the right of the plate, a little wrinkled.


As for the order of the ingredients, to increase the intensity of their flavor, it is important to add the salt first, then the vinegar and finally the oil
The consultant Javier Amilibia is a great defender of this order.

Note: Information prepared by Enrique Bravo.

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