FreeLancer registration involves several steps. You have to register with the Treasury and then register with Social Security. In the Treasury we can be discharged even if we do not have an activity because it does not cost money. But Social Security has to pay all month work a day or none.

I) The first procedure, that of the Tax Agency, consists of filling out the form 036: Census declaration of registration, modification and cancellation in the census of taxpayers, which you can acquire in the Tax Agency or download it from the internet.

Here you can get the draft:

Once filled out, you deliver it to the office that corresponds to your address.
A copy of 036 is what you will be asked for in Social Security.

II) You go to the social security and you register in the corresponding epigraph; for example RETA if you are autonomous. It is the TA.0521 form

The 763 heading of COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS AND ANALYSTS is a good option.

III) Indicate the contribution base you want. Let's say that you choose the minimum 244.35 at least unless you enjoy some bonus for being a woman or young man.

IV) You identify a charge account where you can direct your payments to Social Security.

Note: Note: A FreeLancer person may be registered in different headings but only pay in Social Security for one of them.

Information prepared by Enrique Bravo.