Books to read during travel by plane or train.
This is a list of books most of them fun and some even hilarious. You will not find many masterpieces only books that hang on a journey or that accompany on the table of a hotel of the consultant.

  • 1280 Souls (Pop 1280) by Jim Thompson. Novel black but not Agatha Christie but with sex and violence.
    If you liked this book there is another novel by this same author and also brutal called "The murderer inside me". (The Killer Inside Me) Does not leave indifferent the life of a psychopath.
  • Guide to Guys Dave Barry.
    Very light and fun reading to read on public transport. Some women find it shocking that Dave differentiates between men and uncles but does not do something similar with them. You have to read it for what it is.
  • What we did to Father by Roy Lewis.
    It tells how man evolved in the prehistoric era: fire, parental relations, cooking. And it has a good ending.
  • Potnoy's complaint by Philip Roth. Probably the only work that appears in other more serious lists that is why it is harder to read. It happens in the consultation of a psychoanalyst,
    Its protagonist is a mess. It shows his internal struggle between his strict traditional Jewish training and his obsession with sex.
  • Ham on Rye of Charles Bukowski.
    It is an autobiographical novel with the own language of Bukoski of the deep America. Of those books that one does not easily forget.
  • The grandfather who jumped out the window and took off from Jonas Jonasson.
    Fun Nordic contribution about a stray bullet that knows Franco, Stalin, Mao ...
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
    The story of a 15-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome does not promise much, but he's very well told and has his moments of humor, so it's worth being on our list.
    • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend. Like the previous one is an English boy, in a broken home and who starts to live new experiences. I feel something inferior but if you liked The curious incident ... this one will like you too. It oozes British humor.
    • The amazing journey of Pomponio Flato . It is not the most round novel by Eduardo Mendoza, but it is short and funny. Another famous book that narrates the childhood of Jesus is Lamb (Lamb) by Christopher Moore but this one is much more extensive. Another book of Mendoza's recommended humor is "Sin Noticias de Gurb".
    • The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
      More English humor and this time with the Queen we have met and his newfound reading passion. The fact that it is a light novel has weighed a lot in its inclusion. Another very enjoyable book by the same author is Dos historias nada decentes (Two Unseemly Stories). A recent widow from a very boring and conventional marriage finds work representing illnesses in a hospital and shares a house with two students with an ingenious way of dealing with rent. The other story is about a very peculiar marriage with many "interlocutors". He's a funny, malevolent guy, this Bennett.
    • The Inimitable Jeeves of Wodehouse, P.G ..
      It is clear that Wodehouse had to be on this list. It always makes us have some fun times.
    • A Confederacy of Dunces . It is a classic that should not be missing from a list of this type. While it is a bit long compared to other books recommended here. The misfit Ignatius J.Reilly will remain permanently in the memory of the reader. There is no known person who did not like this book that contains hilarious passages but also a dramatic background. Both the criticism of society and the tragedy of the author who committed suicide without ever seeing his novel published.
    • Millionaire of Tommy Jaud. Germanic contribution
      Simon is a 30 year old who has been unemployed for two years, although every morning he goes to his "office", a booth run by his Iranian friend Shahin. There he writes letters of complaint to various companies. Everything is bad for him and to make matters worse his new neighbor pija makes his life a turnaround.
    • Le Magasin des suicides by Jean Teulé. Gala contribution.
      Same the funniest black humor novel. A family, the Tuvache dedicated to the sale of products for suicide. It is a family tradition that is disturbed by optimism and desire to enjoy the life of the youngest child.
    • The Throwback by Tom Sharpe. Another writer that must be taken into account. More known by Wilt. It is the story of an illegitimate child who grows up in an isolated and very special environment and now that his grandfather gets older they take a cruise where they find a wife / housekeeper for the old man and a wife for the young man.
      The real nature of the bastard, violent and unscrupulous will appear against everything that crosses his path causing hilarious situations.
    • Prisoners in Paradise of Arto Paasilinna. Nordic contribution.
      Maybe reading a novel in a plane that begins with a plane crash is not the most suggestive. But it is worth reading that tells the vicissitudes of the members of a UN mission in a desert island of Indonesia: Finnish woodsmen, Swedish nurses ... It has a little humor, some morality and above all that makes us think about what we would do us in the situation of the protagonists.
    • Salmonella men on the porn planet of Yasutaka Tsutsui
      There must be everything in this compendium of books. This original Japanese contribution is not the same for all tastes but it is a mixture of humor, sex and uncommon social criticism.
      There are six stories of what is considered the most prestigious writer of science fiction in Japan and inspiration base of different sleeves. Another compendium of stories also some of them breakthrough is the book I'm naked.
    • L'homme qui plantait des asbres by Jean Giono. A story about love for Mother Nature. A story about the constancy of man. Very short and that fulfills the purpose of the author: "make love planting trees".
    • Things the Grandchildren Should Know Mark Oliver Everett. A singular biography in musical part of the leader of the musical group Eels. A unique story that also makes the music of the author appreciate and in spite of so much misfortune the message is positive.
    • Summertime by the South African writer J.M. Coetzee In any list that boasts there must be a Nobel Prize. There is also the fact that he worked as a programmer something that is not counted in this original book that is an autobiography told by a third party. It is a book for those of us who like to read.

    Information prepared by Enrique Bravo

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