The independent consultant has to face different risks during his performance.

The main risk is the financial one. Within the financial is that they do not pay one on the dates agreed.
You have to be very cautious with the payment conditions. If they are from invoice issuance or about invoice acceptance.
You have to try to collect as soon as possible, but if the company requires us to be subject to factoring, you have to consult the interest receivable and the discount commission from the bank.

Another critical point is the expenses. It must be made clear from the beginning if they are covered and by what amount. If we go for diets, there's no problem, but you always have to know if parking tickets, mileage ... are covered.

Another risk is that the client wants to bring the consultant to court and the freelance is in the middle. There are English companies that cover this type of contingencies that in Spain are not very common.

A last financial risk is that the consultant before your departure, make you sign a paper that implies that if the client requests it, you have to go back to a few days without being able to invoice them. There is another type of risk that is prestige and reputation. If a project goes bad because it is poorly managed, the logical thing is that it splashes us even though in our area there are not substantial problems.

A cursed project is a stigma for all those who have participated in it with greater or lesser fortune. Hence, ACISAP always collaborates with its associates when a project in which a partner is involved starts to twist.

Sometimes the consultant is forced to take responsibility for a module unknown to him. All a professional career can be compromised if the design and parameterization are not adequate. Worth? Fortunately in ACISAP there are consultants from all the modules to be able to consult them.

Information prepared by Enrique Bravo