ACISAP is a non-profit association founded in 2009.
There are many agencies, consultants or end customers who do not dare to hire a freelance because they do not have valid references. The consultants of ACISAP enjoy the highest valuation within Spain. It is the professionals themselves who decide if a candidate for his professional and personal career in several projects can be part of ACISAP.

A freelance consultant from ACISAP is never alone when faced with a project. You have at your disposal other senior consultants to contact and raise your doubts.
The ACISAP consultant is always updated because internal courses are held to share the news in the market.

ACISAP was born with an international vocation and these are the nationalities of some of its members:

  • Spanish, Venezuelan, Argentine, Peruvian, Hungarian, Colombian, Irish, British, Mexican, Uruguayan, Italian.
  • Members of ACISAP are distributed around the world collaborating in the most relevant projects and hubs.

    The existence of the association aims to:

    "To promote knowledge among SAP consultants and serve as a meeting point and platform for their concerns." ACISAP encourages the integration of our associates in a professional network "

    ACISAP undertakes to treat with the utmost confidentiality any commercial information to which it has had access by collaborating companies. Commercial information on the type of public tenders, contests presented or projects awarded.

    ACISAP is committed to the disclosure of SAP business software (SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG) and several ACISAP members teach courses in different agencies.