How to combine shoes and suit.

Depending on the suit we choose, we will choose a shoe of one tone or another. If the chosen suit is navy blue or black, always the best choice will be black shoes. A gray suit admits more possibilities from black to brown (leather or suede) or burgundy shoes. If you use a gray flannel pants combined with a navy blue blazer fit the black and brown shoes, and if it is a tweed jacket, black would be discarded with brown, especially the suede. For a beige or khaki suit, surely the best shoe is brown.

The white shirt.

Although he has fallen into a certain and unjust disuse, he is obliged to have a white shirt with a double fist, perfect to wear with a suit. In addition, the white shirt has the virtue of admitting or combining with any tie ... According to Armani, there is a mix that never fails: black suit, white shirt and black tie

How to roll up the sleeves of the shirt.

With the arrival of heat, it is necessary to roll up the sleeves of our shirts unless we opt for the unfortunate short-sleeved shirts. This action that may seem so simple and obvious is not always carried out properly, in fact, it should never look like the long sleeve shirt has become almost a short sleeve.

The operation may vary depending on the shirt with a cuff or double cuff. In the first case, it should be done in two steps, first the fist will be bent and then another hem will be made upwards as the fist. It is also advisable to do it without undoing the sleeve button so that it is more tight to the arm.

If it is a double cuff shirt can be done as indicated or even a third minor hem, otherwise it may be too loose, that is, as long as the sleeve is not too short.

The designer Carolina Herrera commented that there is nothing more pleasant, in good clothes, than to see a man in jeans and a white shirt rolled up at the elbow.

Even if we wear sport, there is no need to undo more than one button of the shirt. It is not aesthetic to see anyone's chest, no matter how slender one is. (and let's not say if we are plentiful of hair on the chest).

Short sleeve shirts.

Short-sleeved shirts with ties are only allowed for very veteran consultants. A slightly rolled-up long-sleeved shirt, along with short-sleeved polo shirts, is always the best summer option. But if the short-sleeved shirts are not very elegant, the combination with a tie is worse. In short, it is a garment that is not elegant and disposable for any associate.

Some tips to dress properly jacket.
The jacket, whether part of a suit or loose, is a basic garment in the wardrobe of every consultant. Here are some tips to properly dress this garment.

The length of the sleeves of the jacket

It is very bad that the cuff of the shirt protrudes excessively, but, surely worse, that the sleeve of the jacket is so long that the cuff of the shirt can not be seen by chance. To avoid falling into these mistakes, and hit the long, when we try on the jacket, we must drop the arm along the body, and that is when the cuff of the shirt should protrude at least half an inch or 12 mm.
The sleeves, with straight arms, should reach the wrists, and with arms folded, they should show the cuffs of the shirt (and thus be able to wear the cufflinks or the button covers). The subsequent fall of the same should cover the seat of the pants.

The buttons on the jacket. In a jacket with two buttons, only the top one is fastened; and in one of three buttons, only the middle button. When we go to sit down, we always have to unbutton it, it does not matter if it is a jacket with two buttons, three or crossed. Well, in case of three buttons, you can fasten the first two or only the middle one, depending on the make of each one. , but never the one at the end.

If the jacket is a little fair, which usually happens when we take it and change size, it is best not to buckle. It is very ugly tensions that are noticed when the jacket squeezes and we buttoned.

The length of the jacket. This is a very important aspect, since to sin both by excess and by default, can be ridiculous. It is said that the length of the jacket should reach to the height of the big toe of the hand dropping the arm along the body.

How to combine shoes and belt

Wearing a suit or jacket-trousers with a tie, the belt must be of leather, not including braided belts or cloth or elastic bands. There is a basic rule that does not fail, the tone of the shoes must match that of the belt. This principle is inexcusable if it is a pair of black or garnet shoes, there is no alternative here. But if it is a pair of brown shoes, we have more freedom, and can even combine them, for example, with a crocodile belt.

If the shoes are suede and the belt too, be very careful that the shades are killed. And finally, eye with the belt buckle, whether it's made of brass or silver, it should be rather fine, since an excessively coarse one could throw under all our clothing.

How to combine striped shirts with a tie.

Due to its neutral color, the white shirt is perfect for the combination of neckties: it accepts them all, from the most solemn to the most daring or original; thus, the consultant only has to worry about the aesthetics of the tie, and that it fits properly with the jacket chosen.

Moderately different situation results from the replacement of white by a soft color, usually crude or light blue, in this case, the range of ties possible is still very wide, perhaps only a particularly severe and solemn tie could be excluded.

With the tie, do not wear the collar of the shirt open and the button always has to be fastened. Make sure the knot is well made and centered; if not, the image it offers is unbalanced. The end of the tie has to touch the belt buckle. The best fabric for a tie is silk and care must be taken that it goes well combined with the shirt and the suit.

Avoid combining squares with stripes, and do not mix more than three colors at the same time. The same applies to ties, you should not wear printed ties with patterned shirts, or stripes on the tie and shirt.

White sport shirts.

On the other hand, a white cotton shirt does not fit well with casual attire or clothing, especially in winter. But in summer, linen shirts or oxford cloths are very good, which also enhance the tan of those who wear them. In fact, the best North American brands such as Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or Tommy Hilfiger, always count on them in their summer collections.


In summer if the suit is not mandatory, polo is an excellent choice. Surely, the best known pole brand is Lacoste, we must also highlight Fred Perry. More posh are the polo player polo shirts of Ralph Lauren. You have to cite the American Brooks Brothers with their "golden fleece" or Abercrombie & amp; Fitch although the latter are more famous for their shirts. If we look at the world of polo as a sport, the Argentine brand La Martina and the British Hackett stand out.

The shirt on the outside.

Although some prominent member of the Association wear the shirt on the outside is not receipt and is a practice that must be eradicated.

The socks.

Few things are as bad as a shoe that is worn with a sock shows the leg. To avoid this, we must ensure that the socks are of sufficient length for when we sit, for example, never show the leg. This should be the limit, although people may like it more or less long. While there is some summer shoes that can be worn or worn without socks like esparto shoes, nautical or summer moccasins, for other shoes is necessary to use.

The socks should match the shoes or pants. The best, the so-called "executives" of dark colors: black, navy blue, etc.

A pair of trousers should be at the height of the heel at the back, and cover at least a third of the shoe by the front. That is, it will not be short, looking at the socks, or drag on the floor (three fingers at least above of the height of the ground).

Wardrobe background: basic clothes of the consultant ACISAP.

In the first place, we must bear in mind that our costumes must be in accordance with our family rate and situation. But there are certain clothes and accessories that should not be missing in the wardrobe of all associated. You should not miss a pair of suits, one of them navy blue and two buttons. As for the jackets, although they are less common, a navy blazer and/or a tweed jacket. The Cordings are well known.

Regarding the outerwear, a navy blue coat and a sportier jacket, like Barbour, Belstaff or Fay (very expensive). The coat and the barbour are more classic.

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