• Resistant to change
  • Increased resistance as your situation consolidates
Example: Motivate you through useful practices, making you see the importance of acquiring new knowledge
  • Learn to meet needs
Work together on examples that cover the day to day work. It is also important to make him see that he can be changed tasks well due to promotion, transfer ... and that in that case the knowledge he will acquire in the course will not hurt at all.
  • Limited
  • Circumscribed to usefulness
Similar to the previous case. Try to create very practical examples and very little generic and conceptual. Urge him to be surprised trying to apply the knowledge acquired in his job.
  • Need to save time
  • Need to save effort
If you are a senior executive you can give a course in a generic way at first and then go deeper. Leaving at will of each one, the attendance to the deepening talks. In this way we ensure the assistance of all people.

We must also insist that the training is an investment not only for the company, but also for the one who receives it. Any seminar or course that appears in our curriculum affirms us in our options to promote within the company and improves our possibilities of changing companies if it is what we want.

It goes without saying that the most appropriate time to make an effort of understanding is during the duration of the course because it is when the teacher can assist us and it is possible that even other students can solve our doubts. You have to encourage the attendees to a small intellectual effort and assistance.

  • Accustomed to taking responsibility
  • Feeling associated with the formative process
It would be necessary to involve him in the course and ask his opinion on different concepts. Putting ourselves in his place and listening to him but without changing the objective of the course or distorting it for his opinions. If you can have this person as an ally and share the objectives and content of the course, it can be a great help for both the teacher and the rest of the classmates.
  • Frustration and feeling of ridicule
It is important that the student loses the fear of speaking in public. You can try to have each student present a topic. Before the presentation of this student will be given support and support so that he loses fear. If your frustration is due to being considered a bad employee you will be made to see the importance of knowing the tool or the knowledge of the course for the company and how important it is for the firm that there are people who attend the course. This can make you feel more important and involved with the company, thus increasing your self-esteem.
  • Directed towards the goal that meets your needs
Let him / her see that the course will be valued by his / her superiors and that it is a milestone on the path to promotion to positions of greater responsibility.
  • Need to constantly verify the usefulness of learning
It would be important to perform exercises aimed at individual performance, at the end of each lesson in order that the student perceives the practicality of everything received.

As in other cases make him see that the course can be very useful if a partner with a role covered by the course, goes on vacation or other casualties ... and he must take charge. The same with cases of transfer, promotion, etc.

NOTE: The origin of this information is not its own elaboration.